About Us

About Us

We in “Team Megs Design” have the flexibility to make immediate decisions in response to our customer’s individual needs. We provide a fully focused Professional service with all of our print production under one roof, controlled by our enthusiastic and experienced staff. As the World of printing has changed significantly in recent years, resulting in many printing companies falling behind in pace with Technology & Developments. Keeping in pace with the same, we have continued to invest to be at the development and updating forefront of the printing industry and technology. The result is more Precision, ensuring the quality required by the customer is met at each stage of production. “Megs Design” grew over the years achieving almost Zero rejection.


Why Choose Us?

Megs Design O Print has been in the printing field for over two decades, and we have earned the loyalty of some of the top corporate houses in India with our Quality, Timeliness, and Customer-Service.


  • We dedicate our process, practice and performance to the mission of constant upgradation.
  • We dedicate ourselves to follow the quality at every step.
  • We dedicate ourselves to highest customer satisfaction.
  • We dedicate ourselves to unparalleled excellence.



  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Promise
  • Teamwork

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For any good organization, wishing to achieving success & growth, infrastructure is the backbone which needs to be strong, firm and up to date. Our supple, sound and latest infrastructure forms the backbone of our superlative printing, binding and advertising jobs and give customer higher level of satisfaction.

Contact Us

Address: Megs Design O Print B-104, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi-110028.

Contact Person : Pankaj Garg 9136831669,9711682802

Email-ID: megsdesignoprint@gmail.com

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